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Price List

Week Commencing 15th July 2024 

Please note N/A = fish is not available


Superior Farmed Scottish Salmon Fillet £28.99 per kg

Cod Loin £28.99 per kg

Cod Fillet 170-230g £19.99 per kg

Cod Cheeks £18.99 per kg N/A

Haddock 170-230g £19.99 per kg 

Sashimi Tuna Loin £29.99 per kg

Sword Fish Loin £29.99 per kg 

Fish Pie Mix (Salmon/Cod) £19.99 per kg

Cornish Sardines £11.99 per kg 

Fresh Sprats 10.99 per kg N/A

Fresh Herring £12.99 per kg N/A

Herring Roe Frozen £19.99

Whole Plaice 500-800g £13.99 per kg 

Hake Whole £13.99 per kg /A

Hake Cut Steaks £20.99 per kg 

Whole Mackerel 300-500g £13.99 per kg 

Rainbow Trout 300-500g £16.99 per kg 

Monk fish Tails 500g-1kg £26.99 per kg 

Wild Halibut £28.99 per kg 

Brill 1kg-2kg £28.99 per kg 

Wild Turbot 500g-1kg £31.99 per kg 

Dover Sole £31.99 per kg 

Lemon Sole 600g-900g £23.99 per kg 

Megrim Sole £16.99 per kg 

Farmed Gilt Head Bream 600-800g £13.99 per kg

Pink Bream £15.99 per kg N/A

Wild Black Sea Bream £23.99 per kg N/A

Farmed Sea Bass 600-800g £14.99 per kg 

Wild Sea Bass 700g-1kg £24.99 per kg 

Wild Sea Trout £29.99 per kg N/A

Skate Wing 500g-1kg £16.99 per kg 

Skate Cheeks £16.99 per kg N/A

Fresh Huss £16.99 per kg 

Gurnard 400g-600g £13.99 per kg 

Red Mullet £24.99 per kg N/A

Red Fish £12.99 per kg 

RJohn Dory £29.99 per kg 

Fresh Anchovies £12.99 per kg N/A

Anchovies in Oil Provencal/Oriental £5.00 Each

Fresh Cod Roe £15.99 per kg N/A 

Smoked Cod Roe £28.99 per kg 

Squid 100g-300g £24.99 per kg 

Fresh Octopus £12.99 per kg N/A

Cuttle Fish £13.99 per kg N/A

 Samphire Grass £19.99 per kg

Shetland Rope Grown Mussels 1kg Bag £6.99 Each

Scottish Dry Cut Scallop Meat £44.99 per kg

Brown Peeled Shrimp 100g Pack £7.40 Each 

Fresh Cooked Lobster £49.99 per kg 

Frozen Lobster Meat (500g) £65.00 each

Fresh Cooked Crabs £15.99 per kg 

Large Wild Crevette £49.99 per kg

Raw Crevette £20.99 per kg

Fresh Langoustine £29.99 per kg 

Cooked Crevette (Previously Frozen) £20.99 per kg

Natural Smoked Haddock £23.99 per kg

Smoked Salmon 200g Pack £9.99 Each

Smoked Mackerel Fillets £19.99 per kg

Manx Kippers £18.99 per kg 

Keta Roe 100g £13.99 Each N/A

Lump Roe 100g £4.50 Each N/A

Hand Picked Dressed Crabs £7.50 each or two for £13.50

Rock Oysters £1.20 each 

Palourdes Clams £20.99 per kg 

Arbroath Smokies £19.99 per kg N/A

All products/prices will be updated on a weekly basis.

All fish is subject to availability and is sold on a first come first serve basis. Pre-order available at all stalls to avoid disappointment. Home delivery available in the local area on day of stall. Just give us a call or order online HERE (minimum 24 hours notice must be given).

We are happy to prepare your fish to your exact specifications (Fillet/Butterfly/Gut/Gill etc..) 

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